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in regards to PIX and tomasc

Thnaks for the replies, I had originaly just figured to make a temple you had to create something as you would a video by adding stuff to the timeline and then save it, but that did'nt work and then I found the really small Create Template button lol.

Now that step 1, find button, has been accomplished, I can now move on to trying to make stuff people won't hate.
Just recently purchased Power Director 15 Ultimate and was wondering if there is any tutorials on how to create templates to share?

Since getting the program, there seems to an underwhelming amount of templates the program comes with and not many on the site I have seen that does what i am looking for, so I been playing with PD15 a few hours here and there and figured how to do a few things I wanted, now to figure out the rest.

Recently purchased the powerdirector 15 suite and the most annoying thing is when i got to choose a transistion or effect, a DZ pop-up appears wanting me to rate it or w/e, how can i stop these things from popping up
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