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Hi all. I'm trying to add the 2017 live action Beauty and the Beast to my collection, but it is just giving me the entry for the Disney animated version.

I've looked on Moovieline and both movies are named the same way, there is no (2017) at the end, or any way to distinguish the 2 movies.

Can anyone advise how to get the correct entry?


Hi all.

im experiencing a bit of an odd issue at the moment. I've been copying my Blu ray collection to external hard drives by copying and pasting the entire folder structure then loading the folder through powerdvd. I would say this has been successful for about 95% of movies, but there are a few that when I load the folder and I just get a black screen - no "this Blu ray is loading" message, no audio, just a black screen with the play, skip etc icons at the bottom.

the odd thing is if I go to the folder and double click the main .m2ts file, it loads and plays perfectly well In powerdvd

can anyone offer a reason why the actual Blu ray won't load?

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