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I have gone back and forth through every option, flipped several times through the manual, and tried googling and serching both the forum and the support site, cannot find anything on how to do this.

I am doing a project, nearing the end, have worked all night on the thing and now I just need to fix audio levels, but Power director just seems to want to let me use points to change levels in one specific spot and I am trying to change the volume of entire clips at one time. EVERY OTHER PROGRAM I have ever used for editing makes this option easy and apparant, I dont want to need to go every 6 frames to change the volume of a long piece of music or voice or whatever I am working on. This is the least user friendly thing I have found so far in an otherwise great program.

And I apologise if I sound like I am angry but I have been trying to fix something that seems simple for the past 3 hours.
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