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Thank you very much, sumerJ! I really appreciate your help.

Quote Hi Henry,

If your goal is to playback the DVD on a 120'' screen, I would say there isn't much difference of selecting Smart-Fit or not for you.

DVD video got miserable quality compare with BD or AVCHD. But of course if making DVD video is the only option for you (maybe due to player or optical disc writter), then select Smart-Fit is still the best option for you, PowerProducer will decide a best bitrate (less compression) according to your source video duration and try to fit maximum disc space.
Thanks, sumerJ. Your explanation that mp4 has better compression than mp2 must be what's happening. I discovered in going back to compare the file sizes again that I must have been going off of the PowerProducer file size for the first DVD...when I went back to my source files for the first DVD, they were only 2 GB in size. So I spoke erroneously in my first post...those original files doubled in size for the first DVD as well.

The DVD movie I'm trying to create now is about 2 hours long, and I'm using regular DVD+R discs (4.7GB, 4.38 GB available).

I did discover just now that selecting the "SmartFit" option in settings gets me a lot closer (4.75 GB) to my goal of fitting the next set of files onto 1 DVD. I might just cut some of the less necessary video from the files, though I'd like to understand exactly what tradeoff I'm making by selecting "SmartFit." In the preview screen on my computer, I don't see much difference in the "SmartFit" video vs. the non-SmartFit video, but maybe I'd notice the difference on a larger TV screen. Do you have any way to advise me on how much I'm losing with the SmartFit compression?

If the impact will be significant on a larger screen (I'm making DVDs for a relative who has a large home theater...something like a 120" screen), then I won't use SmartFit. We watched the first DVD on that home theater system and it was fine for what it was. I guess I could create the movie disc on a RW DVD and test it, but am wondering if you happen to know the answer about the compression and can thereby save me a lot of time. Thanks in advance for any advice!

Quote How long is your DVD movie of first DVD and now you want to create? 1 or 2 hours?

And, mp4 uses h.264 video format, which has better compression rate than DVD video - mpeg2. so, file size double might be a normal case.
When I import my MP4 videos to create a movie disc (DVD), PowerProducer 6 roughly doubles the file size of each video. This did not happen with the first movie disc I created using PowerProducer 6...the imported MP4 video files for that first movie disc remained the same size as the original source files. But now as I try to create a second movie disc on DVD, all of the MP4 movie files I try to import (which are all from the same source as those I burned on the first DVD) are doubled in size when imported.

I did not change any settings between the first movie disc I created and the second movie disc I'm now trying to create. I'm using the same menu template as the first disc I changes there. The video files I'm trying to import are from the exact same source as the video files used for my first movie disc.

Can anyone tell me how to prevent PowerProducer 6 from increasing the video file size when importing videos to create a movie disc on DVD? I can't imagine what the difference is between importing videos for my first movie disc vs. importing videos for the movie disc I'm now trying to create.
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