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So I downloaded PowerProducer 6 Ultra to burn some projects of mine to Blu-Ray, and have had nothing but issues since. I really need help from the experts here, here are the issues I'm having

  1. The motion menu is still there!!! I have changed the background image and music for the menu, but whenever I preview the menu, it still opens with this annoying motion intro and set music. How do I get rid of this?

2. My blu-rays won't burn. The project burns up until 25%, and then gets stuck and doesn't progress at all. It says it's creating and organizing folders but I could let it sit and do this for 2+ hours and still, no progress

I'm really irritated. I seriously spent $80 for this? This is by far the most bug infested program I've used from Cyberlink so far. It keeps crashing as well. I can work around that though. What I can't work around is this persistent motion menu and the fact that it freezes while burning discs. Please help!
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