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Thanks, but 7.5 is the current release, and I found the answer to my question by playing around a bit:

In top left corner, click on the blue/yellow symbol and select "Convert using custom profiles"

Now create a profile with any resolution from the dropdown, for instance 1920x1080.

Now, in C:\Documents and Settings\(username)\AppData\Local\Cyberlink\MediaEspresso\7.5 open the file custom.prf with notepad.

Search for 1920 and replace it with 2560, it´ll be there twice, and look for 1080 and replace it with 1440 (or 1280 which is more correct for the aspect ratio) - also twice.

Be careful if you have more than one custom profile set up; make sure that edits are done within the section belonging to the same. The profile name is showing in the beginning of each profile section, so just make sure that you´re modifying the value in that part, and not in one belonging to a profile you do not wish to modify.

Save the file, and select the profile again. It will now encode in this resolution!
Dear All,

A bunch of mobiles have this resolution nowadays, and there are videos outthere with a higher resolution, which needs downscaling to be watched on VR headsets.

Unfortunately Mediaespresso only contains a ton of presets with max resolution of 1920x1080 and no options to set up custom parameters - or?

I know that for other products of yours, this can be done, at least with an .ini file, but is such a thing possible with Mediaespresso?

Thanks in advance
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