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Same video output profile. Interesting- makes sense. Is that under the configure button? What subtle thing is under there that would have such a dramatic effect. Will check that, unless that's not where video output profile is. Thanks for the help.

m2ts the an acceptable video type ..was created when I image burned bd output to the hard drive using movie magic software. So I opened those folders and used those files like 0001.m2ts or 0002.m2ts
Newbie. My first BD movie attempt. I have a 2 disk home movie, each burned on BluRay. The first disk was excellent in clarity and definition.

The 2nd disk: troublesome.

So the main question is: How come when I add specifically an m2ts video that is 6 Gig, the progress bar only goes up to 2500 Meg (or 2.5 Gig). Other videos as I added them did similarly. Odd, because on my first disk, as the videos were added the progress bar went up in exact proportion to the size of the video I selected.

After all, when I burned the 2nd Blu-Ray disk the visual fidelity was not as good as the first one. It's almost as if PowerProducer is letting me know it's going to compress it; it didn't do that on the first disk. Compression would explain the poorer quality on the 2nd. I've tried this on 2 BD-RE disks. Same result.

I'm pixilated.
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