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Thanks, that is helpful in that now I know there's no specific filter for doing what I'm trying to accomplish. It does provide some good suggestions and I'll try a few to see if they help.

I found the white balance is a better adjustment than color adjustment and the color presets were too extreme.


Is there a way to use a red filter when processing diving videos to get the red back that is lost when scuba diving? I've tried adjusting the hue and saturation levels but to get more red I lose some of the other colors. I've also tried using the color presets but they seem extreme.

Would really like to hear from somone who creates dive videos from an action camera. I'd love to see a dive video that's been filtered to bring back the red.


Downloaded the image for which you provided a link. Same result. The image or animation does not show up as an item in the track in Title Designer. This pretty much makes the templates almost useless unless the only thing you're going to change is the text.


Yeah, there's something not right about this. I can make a new Title and bring in an image and have some element of control but it's limited. For instance, I am unable to choose any of the controls in the Object Settings but the image has grips and I can scale it and move it around that way.

But after I save the new Title, the image (balloon) becomes a background and it is no longer selectable for editing.

I've tried using images (dialog balloons) from several different sources both PNG and JPG and it doesn't make a difference.

I wonder if it's because I running Windows 10 that I'm seeing these issues.

Thanks again for the effort.

Thanks, both of you, for your answers. I noticed in your picture and video (thanks! that's ever so helpful!) that the balloon portion of the image is a separate entity and for whatever reason, the Title item that I import does not show that as a separate PIP item.

Tony, I downloaded the title item for which you provided a link and experienced the same issue; the text is shown as an item but the balloon image is a background and I am unable to edit it.

I have since discovered if I create the title item as save it as my own, I am able to edit the PIP image (resize and reposition). I just need to find a good source of balloon images and create my own rather than using the Titles from DZ. Unless you have a better suggestion.

Don't know if it's because I'm using the trial version or if there's something else going on but when I try to edit the title item, there is only the text portion shown for editing and the image is considered a background.
I can't seem to figure out how to insert a speech or dialog bubble, position and scale it for the photo. What am I doing wrong that I can't seem to figure this out?

I downloaded several of the dialog balloons from the Director Zone site. I insert it as a title element and am able to edit the text portion of the dialog bubble but cannot determine how to resize and position the bubble over the video or photo element. It does not appear to be scalable or resizable. The balloon is centered in the screen. I can delete it as a background image but otherwise cannot select it for editing.

I've tried this with several of the balloons and the problem is the same.

I'm usinng the 30 day trial version of PD14 with the intention of purchasing it if it will do what I want it to do but this is frustrating and I can't find any tutorials or videos showing how this is done.
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