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Thanks for the help. With your definition, it now makes sense. Without the definition (which is where the User's Guide leaves me), it makes no sense and I can only speculate, or spend a bunch of time trying to figure it out. And I might not figure it out if I miss the numbers under the thumbnails.

I cannot comment directly on what you are seeing, but I think I can throw some light on the issue.

I have looked at the size of the MPEG-2 files from recording standard def broadcast TV. For the same amount time recorded, the MPEG-2 files are much smaller than the file sizes that I see when I use a DVD recorder, or the resulting files when I make DVDs using some non-Cyberlink software. Using this other software, the recorded video file (VOB) is about 2.3 times larger than the MPEG-2 source file.

I don't know this, but my guess is that DVD uses redundancy in the recording so that essentially everything is recorded twice. Add some necessary overhead, and the result is a file 2.3 time larger than the original source material. The advantage is that localized damage on the disc would not prevent playback of the recording.
There is a checkbox that allows me to enable or disable a "thumbnail index".

This is all well and good, but what the heck is a "thumbnail index"? This term is mentioned, but not defined in the user's manual. And what does a "thumbnail index" do for me?
Yesterday I edited a TV program that I had recorded in its broadcast format of MPEG-2. The result is 90 minutes of edited video.

I burned the edited video on to a Blu-ray disc in MPEG-2 format using PowerProducer 5.5.

I checked some of the Blu-ray disc space usage figures. Here is where things get interesting:

Blank disc space indicated by PowerProducer: 24.2 Gb

Blank disc space indicated by Windows File Explorer: 24.6 Gb

Space needed to record video as indicated by PowerProducer: 20.4 Gb

Actual space use as indicated by Windows File Explorer: 13.2 Gb

I am not going to quibble about the slight difference in blank disc space between PowerProducer and Windows.

But I do have a problem with the actual disc space usage. PowerProducer said it needed to use 84% of the disc space. Windows shows that 53% of the disc space was used. I can see how much of the blank space was burned on the disc, and I say that Windows has it right, and PowerProducer has it wrong. This means that PowerProducer overestimates the amount of disc space needed by more than 50%. PowerProducer will not attempt to burn a disc if its space estimate shows that there is too much video to fit on a disc. This means that (best case!) I am forced to waste over 1/3 of the space on a Blu-ray disc.

I would be overjoyed if there were an option: "The video may not fit on the disc. Attempt to burn anyway? [Yes] [No].

I have some re-recordable Blu-ray discs that I can use to give it a try. But PowerProducer will not let me even try.

That was a good hint. Instead of selecting "Play" from the first menu (with only one thumbnail) that came up when I put the disc into a Blu-ray player, I selected "Scenes", and found the two thumbnails I wanted on one menu template there, albeit a different template.

But things are rather screwed there. When I selected the second clip, yet another menu template came up with two thumbnails from the second clip, using yet another template.

Is there a way to clear away all the menu templates and thumbnails and start over, short of deleting the whole project file? I would like to save the edits I did, but get rid of the menus and thumbnails so I can start over from scratch with that part.

BTW, I can't figure out how to add a picture to my posting. When I hit the "Insert/edit image" button above this box I am typing in right now, a dialog box appears. The first line of the dialog box ask for "Source" for the image. I have an image I want to post on a thumb drive. It appears as "G:\PP_Shot1.jpg" on my computer. If enter this and move to the second line of this dialog box ("Image description"), I find that stuff is added to the path to the image. The result is as follows:\PP_Shot1.jpg

This would refer to a file on your system, not my system.
My posting did not show up on the last try, so here is a re-do:

I am trying to burn a Blu-ray disc using PowerProducer 5.5. I updated PowerProducer last week, so I assume I am running the latest version.

The source material is two MPEG-2 files from over-the-air broadcast programs. The first one is in 720p format, and the second one is in 1080i format. I added them and kept them as two seperate clips. I edited both, added chapters to both, and selected a thumbnail for each clip. I selected the option to burn the disc as MPEG-2.

Here is the problem I am having. I go to "Menu" and select a template. I customize that template to allow two thumbnails. Everything seems fine at this point. The two thumbnails appear on the menu template just as I want them. But as soon as I try to do much of anything (a. go to "Edit", "Chapters", and then cancel out without doing anything; b. save project and recall; c. burn to Blu-ray disc), the template reverts to one thumbnail, showing only the thumbnail for the first clip. The second clip is still there, but the only way I can access it on the burned disc is to fast-forward or step through the chapters of the first clip to get there. Note: I tried several templates. All gave the same bad result.

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