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Hi, thanks for the reply. I will try updating Power Producer. I recently updated it and reinstalled. I will try drivers. I read about the green screen I've been experiencing and they say it's a Graphics problem. I'll report back and if it doesn't work I'll contact support. Thanks
Hello, I have Cyberlink Media Suite 14 and my LG Bluray burner on Windows 10. I am trying to burn movies to be played on my PS4. What's the best way to convert and burn movies to Bluray? I used Media Espresso to convert it for my PS4, and they work from a USB Drive (no problems.) Now I need to get them to work with my burner. I tried using Power Producer to burn a disk but when I put it in my PS4, it showed "Bluray" and not "Unsupported Disk", but when I play it I get a green screen (no picture) with working audio. Should I try burning it with another part of Media Suite? I am going to try Power 2 Go and I'll report back. Please respond with help. I saw another green screen of death post but it wasn't solved. Thanks
Hi, me again...I looked online and found a thread on microsofts forum. It didn't work. I tried booting into safe mode, disabling anti-virus, and run as admin but it gave me the same error message. Anyone?
Hello, I just got a new computer and I'm trying to install some software that came with my external Blu-Ray writer. It's Cyberlink Media Suite 10. After clicking Auto-Run, I get the error: 1628:Failed to complete installation. Does anyone know this error code and how I can fix it? Please respond. Thanks
I'm back. I found the file but it's the same size. (30GB) How do I fit this on a BD or DVD? Will I have to buy a BD DL?
Hi, me again. I used Media Espresso "Smart Fit" to convert my video file. It finished quickly but now I don't know where it saved the converted file. Where does Espresso put it's converted files? Please respond. Thanks
Hello, I need to convert a Video file in Media Espresso 7. It is too large for a BD disk. How do I shrink it to fit on a 25GB disk? (It's around 30GB.) Please respond. Thanks
Also, my movie is slightly over the 25 GB limit for my disk. Can I compress it to fit on a disk or should I buy 50 GB disk?
Hello, I have Cyberlink Media Suite 13 Trial. I just bought a Blu Ray Burner. I'm trying to Burn a movie for my PS4. I'm using PowerProducer 5.5 to burn the movie. (Is that the best way to do that using the Media Suite?) While burning a .mp4 to Blu Ray disk, it gets to 89% and freezes. There's an error that pops up saying run debug (I used VC Community 2015.) Nothing shows up (I'm not sure how to use VC.) How can I burn a BD?
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