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Thanks for answering my question. I didn't know about the adviser. I'll check it out. Computers have a way of making us think we are smarter and then knocking us back a peg.

Yeah, I realized after I posted that I should have said PowerDVD version 14, not just version 14. I was in a PowerDVD forum but more details is evidently better.

The driver was installed with a video card. The error message said 'display card' and I followed that clue. I put a EVGA GTX 740 on the MB and installed the drivers and it works OK now.

Evidently the MB doesn't include the TV out driver in their software package. It has excellent video on its own but not for the DVD and BluRay movies.

I figured that PowerDVD would install whatever it needed. I bought it specifically to watch the movies. Go figure.
Details button then gives this: This copy protected disc cannot play when the TV out function is enabled.

Win 8.1 OS. ASUS MB A88X Pro. AMD A10 7850K APU with Radeon R7 graphics.

No video card in system. Reviews show this APU is gamer capable without additional video card.

I get this error no matter what I do. I have gone through Windows Device Manager, enabled and disabled the generic Windows Display Driver.

I went through the BIOS trying to find something in there.

I went to the ASUS sight, they say all my MB software is up to date.

I swapped from the output from HDMI to DVI to HDMI and back to DVI, doing a reboot each time. (My monitor doesn't support Display Port so I couldn't test that one.)

Bottom line - Do I need to add a graphics card to get the DVD and BluRay to work?
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