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Thanks for the confirmation. I think what might be happening is that the Moovielive website wasn't the revenue generator that CyberLink wanted and rather than shut the site down they simply run it in (minimal) maintenance mode.

However, I've had some luck getting CyberLink to *finally* fix the Comments tab in the "My Collections" page of MoovieLive by PMing PIX, who seems to be the only person with access to the website managers.
I'm with you. Was going to report an issue, but judging from your comments I don't think "anyone is home".
I am no longer able to add movies to my Watched list: the watched dialog and reports success, but the movie either doesn't appear in my Collections or only appears until I log out and is missing when I log back in, even though the comments function works fine.

The movie search function is also not working anymore. All search results have ZERO items. Example: if I enter "hobbit" or "the hobbit" I get no search results even though all the Hobbit movies appear when looking at the director's filmography, so these movies are in your database.

Have not been been able to search or add to Watched since March 27, 2015 when I added a Hunger Games movie.

Please fix this.
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