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Thanks for your reply lxf12.

Did I understand you correctly that your RTX 2080 has a USB-C output and 3D Blu-ray playback was also not playing out through that port, and not even out through the display port? That's bizzarre.

I noticed that when I hook up my Surface Book 2 to the projector "Desplay settings" then comes up with an option to tick Sterescopic 3D, so Windows 10 1803 itself is detecting that my projector is 3D capable. PowerDVD just refuses to work.

You mentioned earlier that you believe it broke with Windows 10 1803. Did you ever have Windows 10 1709 previously installed on your Surface Book 2 and did it work with that? Or hadn't you tried?

Once again thanks for the info.
lxf12 did you get this working?

I have a Microsoft Surface Book 2 as well, and according to it's specifications, it should play 3D Blu-ray ISO's fine to my 3D caapable BenQ projector. Yet, it doesn't work with PowerDVD 14. PowerDVD 14 cannot detect my projector as 3D capable. PowerDVD 14 plays 3D Blu-ray movies fine with my desktop PC but I would prefer to use the Surface Book 2 as I don't have to put up with fan noise while watching a movie.

I was going to buy PowerDVD 18 to see if it would fix the issue, but seeing how lxf12 is saying that it also doesn't work, I think I won't bother buying it. Cyberlink can you fix please?
Quote: Hi,
there is no zoom for BD playback, this is restriction caused by the necessary Content Protection for BD playback


If this were the case then why can I zoom in on blu ray movies in TotalMedia Theatre 6? It would be good to see this feature added. I much prefer PowerDVD over to TMT since its playback is much better but would like the ability to zoom in to remove black borders.
Quote: Do you have any link where it explains why NVIDIA broke the 3D support on PowerDVD???

No one knows why it was broken and nVidia haven't offered any explanation as to what went wrong.

Many users have complained about it in the Guru3D forums, nVidia forums and in this forum, as shown here:

It's generally a good idea to update to the latest drivers, particularly if you are a gamer as newer drivers fix older issues, but if you don't need to update to the latest then you're better off with an older driver if it means 3D Blu-ray playback is working. Unfortunately nVidia have dropped the ball recently with their 3D movie playback support and have introduced bugs with 347.09. Hopefully they'll fix it next driver release as this is becoming quite annoying.
I'm glad you got it working.

Steer clear of the Geforce 347.09 driver as nVidia broke 3D Blu-ray playback support in PowerDVD 14 as you may already be aware.

As far as 3D goes on a regular non-3D blu-ray, I personally don't think it's all that good and doesn't look very 3D to me. It ends up causing a mild rippling effect which makes my eyes hurt. Steer clear of the fake 3D option.

But yes you need to enable 3D option in PowerDVD 14 for 3D Blurays otherwise they will only play in 2D.
First off, what graphics card driver version are you using?

Quote: Do I need to click on the 3D icon to watch a 3D Disc in 3D???

Yes. The 3D icon looks flat when 3D option is off and looks isometric when it is on.

Quote: how do I know it's the actual 3D image or is the 3D conversion that PowerDVD is doing??

If the Blu-ray disc you have bought specifies that it is 3D then you will be watching the actual 3D that is encoded on the disc. You'll see a double image on your screen when not wearing your 3D glasses.

Incidentally what TV/Projector are you using?
Well if anyone is experiencing this issue then I encourage you to post a driver bug report with nVidia here:

Hopefully the more people that submit a report, the more likely they'll do something.
3D Bluray movie playback via PowerDVD 14 is not working with latest 347.09 driver.


Windows 7 sp1 x64
nVidia GTX 980
Geforce 347.09 Driver
PowerDVD 14
BenQ W1300 Projector connected via HDMI 1.4

When playing 3D Bluray, projector goes into 3D frame packing mode as it should, but only shows 2D picture. I can verify this is NOT a hardware fault as 3D movie playback works with previous 344.75 driver.

I don't want to revert back to 344.75 driver as 347.09 fixes certain other issues I was experiencing.

I'm certain this is a driver issue and I have submitted a bug report with nVidia but I would be interested in finding out if anyone else has experienced this issue and if they were able to resolve it. Perhaps something has changed in the way nVidia drivers handle 3D movie support and whether Cyberlink may need to look into this.

Thank you.
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