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This band not only allow but encourages you to use their music to generate your own Lyric Videos, slideshows or whatever, without the risk of Copywright infringment.

The music is copyrighted yes, but the Band encourages fans to create their own videos.

You can find their channel on Youtube:

Just message the band on Twitter or Facebook if you want to do a video, and they'll give your youtube channel a shoutout and whitelist the channel. And Provide you the lyrics.


They actually just completed a soundtrack for a Hollywood film as well, so they are not rookies by any means.


One of our artist's has recently recorded a Song intended for Placement in Film.

The fun part is that we will have carte blanche do with the track as we wish from a licensing standpoint.

If you wish to create a lyic video, the winning video will be on our official Youtube Channel. For those others, we will allow you to use it on your own video platform.

If you are interested, go to @FollowNooneBand on Twitter and the link to the song is located there. It is in Music Xray, which is an industry site, so you'll get a look at what the industry pro's see.

It also has the lyrics so you won't have to figure them out!

We look forward to seeing what the creative people can do!

For inquiries


Thank you for the direction.

I shall do so!

It's actually on MusicXray, which I can link to. This is a service used by major film/music makers for placement in movies, music videos etc...

Might be cool, especially for some of the younger crowd to see that their work is being looked at by Pro's.

Dream Big!

Thank you for your assistance!


Hello all,

I am a powerdirector user, just not a very good one, lol.

But there is some amazing talent in here and a question I've seen all over the net and in the forums is from people asking about legalities of using music for creating lyric videos, stock footage and even live videos using their creative talents.

I work with some artists who primarily write the songs for intention of being picked up eventually by someone else. In the meantime, the music just sits there.

If there is an interest, I'd be happy to provide licensed songs for you to post on your individual Youtube Channels etc. to showcase your talent and in some cases, the best will be used on the artist's official page with credit.

Just a thought if it pique's anyones interest.


I have an audio file that I would like to use in conjunction with the teddy bear avatar that's in the youcam app.

So Basically, I want to feed the audio in via recording than mic and use the avatar for the video.

Any tricks you all know of to do this???

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