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Thanks sumer and CLD for the responses. You are right, Power Producer came bundled with the DVD drive. I'm guessing that it is an OEM version. I didn't even think of this, but thank you CLD for bringing up the codecs... I guess that is very possible. Thanks for the suggestions, I will try to convert the files to MPEG-2 and see if I have any success with that.
The computer I've been using for DVD authoring has Windows XP (I'm getting a second system - newer with Windows 7 - shortly, not sure if this will make a difference). As for supporting decode of mp4 files, I would assume would I be able to tell for sure? It's also strange how the converted AVI files were coming up as "not supported" as well.
Last year I bought a new LG DVD burner drive, and bundled with it was "LG Power Tools" software, which included PowerProducer 5. I had some video files that I was trying to import onto a new DVD. They are MPEG-4 files and whenever I tried to add them, I kept getting the "This video file type is not supported" error message. Okay, fine. I have a program that will convert them into a more (hopefully) agreeable format. I converted them to AVI files, thinking maybe that would work. Nope! Trying to import them to the disc gave me the same error message.

I have no idea what is wrong. I've searched online and found people with similar problems, saying something was up with a codec or something. They mentioned downloading ffdshow and it should resolve the problems. Well I have that program already and it still doesn't work. When I'd try to add the AVI files, it looked like the Haali Media Splitter icon popped up for a split second in my system tray before that "file type not supported" error message appeared. I don't know if that has to do with anything (I'd downloaded Haali Media Splitter a few years ago with one of the other video converter programs I have... AVStoDVD I think).

If anyone has any idea how I could resolve this I'd be grateful. It's driving me nuts.
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