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After all of the back and forth, trying all kinds of settings, here is the actual solution:

1.) facebook is having a problem, all you have o do is go to videos, upload your video, give it whatever tags you want, post it, then close out your browser, you do not need to log out of facebook, just close the browser, and reopen, now when you click on the facebook cover on your facebook page, you canclick on chnage cover, chose from your videos and it is just fine, you do have to have it over 20 seconds and I would suggest to give it a black or white frame in PD if you are concerned about cutting things off.

It was that simple, found it under a youtube comments - someone else found the solution. Just reposting it in here

and here it is
Wonder if my problem is Power Director 16? Which version are you using ?

I tried your suggestion, and it still shows the same error for sizing
I would hate to have to buy a converter program. and it should be so easy
for us to type in the custom sizing facebook cover videos require.
Anyone have any other suggestions, or is there a new update for PD?
Is the new suite able to do this


I've worked out the simplest way to do this... i.e. make a cover video for a Facebook page. N.B It has to be a "page", not a regular profile, so you first have to create a "page". I just did that, then made the video & uploaded it.


  • create your video/slideshow with duration 20-90 seconds

  • include whatever video, photo & audio content you wish

  • make sure any text is vertically centred

  • produce to AVC H.264 MP4 1920x1080

  • upload to your Facebook page

  • reposition in frame

If your 1920x1080 video looks like this...

... when it's upoaded as a cover video it will be cropped (top & bottom) like this...

It's so easy, even I could manage it. Here's the one I just put up.
I tried your suggestion , and facebook still will not publish the vido, even so it shows it perfect. Still says that it needs to be within their sizing. This is truly frustrating. Don't want to purchase another program. I have Power director 16, wonder if that is the problem
So I created a short video for my business, and uploaded it, and low and behold, it shows up as twin windows in the movie , but did not in the preview. Since I am a newbie, any idea what setting I need to change?

Thank You

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