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Hi Cranston, very thoughtful and generous of you and Tony to be so helpful to us noobs. Quick question - do you know of any other site which has Particles or other objects other than DirectorZone? In an earlier version I recall having a object which was a cheering audience which appeared at the bottom of the screen. It appeared as a silouette of a bunch of ’people cheering and clapping, like a standing ovation. | can’t find anything similar at DZ (there is ’Audience.dzp, but it has no motion).

Many thanks, John.
This subject seems to have been addressed a few times, but I am still having trouble with many Particle and PiP objects. After downloading and successfully installing, the recent objects do not appear in my PD9. Example: My default aspect ratio is 16:9. I download Audience.dzp, which is clearly marked 16:9, and successfully install it. It does not appear in DZ, so I manually try to install it from within the Particle Room, only to be warned that "The imported template’s aspect ratio is 4:3 while your project’s 16:9". I switch my project’s Aspect Ratio to 4:3 just to test, and get the same error, however now it accuses the imported template’s aspect ratio of being 16:9, while my project ratio is 4:3. Although I am able to use a few of the objects I download, this is happening on the majority of the objects I import. I have several theories; Either they are buggy objects, there’s a snafu in my PD9, or I’m a moron. And accepting the fact that I am pretty much a moron anyway, that leaves only the first 2 choices. Anyone have any ideas?


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