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Quote What's the file size? It should be at least several MB for a recording of a couple minutes but if it's very small (only a few kB) then something went wrong when you tried to record.

You may want to update your video drivers and/or turn off Enable hardware encoding from Preferences | Video.

File size is 2,521,229 KB , how does one check video drivers, I turned off Enable hardware encoding...
Quote Sounds like there are one or more other issues here. ScreenRecorder4 only records .MP4 videos, and each is given a long numeric name based on the year, month, day and time you started the recording, such as 20211109104049.mp4.

If you've selected the option to also record mouse clicks, there will be a corresponding file named 20211109104049_mp4.mrk. That file contains no video and can only be read by PD and the SR4 app. It's automatically loaded whenever a matching MP4 video is added to the media library and will add expanding colored circles on the screen at each mouse click in the recorded stream.

If you truly have .mkv/.mvk files they must have come from a different screen recorder. You can get more info on them by dragging one of them onto the MediaInfo Online browser page.

Oops, You are right, my error, the recording is an mp4, but Cyberlink and Screen recorder 4 report the file cannot be opened, and may be corrupted..

Suspect there is little one can do with a corrupted mp4 fie
Screen recorder recorded both mkv and mvk files, but notice says the file is damaged and cant be opened
Any Alternatives/fixes
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