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Quote I don't think there's any way to recreate the missing cache files with the original fidelity, but you can create a new project and import your same clips again. That will establish a new, valid cache structure.

Then move or copy the older .ADS files to the same folder as the newly created database, and that may be enough to let you reopen your older .ADS files.

That is actually a good idea. I have to try that when I have some time. Thank you @optodata!

Although, I think I would need to also update the old CacheFile locations in the old .ADS with the ones from the new .ADS. They are all absolute paths so I don't think what folder the .ADS files are in actually matters.
Quote Reinstall AD may be the best way.

Thanks, but the issue isn't with the program files but with the files that belong to the. ADS projects. The program works just fine with projects created on the new machine. It's just the .ADS files copied from the old computer that don't load anymore even though all the MP3s used by them are in the same place as on the old computer.

You can open the ADS files with Notepad for example to see what it's looking for, and I simply don't have the CacheFiles anymore, which were in some Audio Director temp folder.

I can break the ADS files on the new machine the same way by deleting that temp directory there too.
After moving to a new computer a few months ago I noticed that my older ADS files won't open anymore in AudioDirector 5.0 even though I have all the referenced MP3 files in the exact same location as before.

It looks like the temp cache files in the user's appdata are also needed. I figured that out by deleting that temp folder which prevents even new ADS files from loading (restoring the temp folder fixes that though).

So, now the question is how can I recreate those "temp" cache files on the new machine (the old one is long gone)?

Thank you!
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