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I hope no offense.
However, I do not see there are clear benefits if you need to use a Standard user account in Windows to install photodirector and its AI feature, and has needs to use the program between administrator account and standard account.

For a home or personal platform, the default user account that created in windows 10 or 11 is administrator.

Are you in a company or using a platform that has strict operation restriction and needs to operate programs between different user accounts frequently all on a single PC?

Thanks for your participation to this discussion. This is my personnal PC and I am the only person using it.
The raison why I have 2 accounts (1 Admin and another User Standard, it is for security reason) I usully use the status User Standart for working wich is less fragile against certain types of hacking. Using Photo director for a very long time already, I never had this kind of problem.
After installation as a administrator of the version 13 (same for 14) followed by a check, Il was surpised when I swuitch to the Standard user account to see that the software stops suddenly without any message or warning when I use AI Style or Sky replacement for exemple.
It seems also that there is no information in the documentaion saying that when you first used those features on user status, you cannot use them on another one. The non AI functionalities of PhD are not sensitive to the type of account.

Thanks a lot

I have updated PhD today with the last version availabale today (14.0.0829.0) and now the problem switched. It works correctly with the status W11 Standard User and stop/crashed with the status W11 Administrator. If I create additional Standard user or Guest, the application fails when I click on Sky replacement for exemple.
Quote Hello Jean-Michel,

Welcome to the PhotoDirector forum laughing

Yes, I can confirm what you've reported. Agreed, it doesn't seem right that using certain features without PhD closing should be reserved for the Administrator.

I can also confirm that the same thing does NOT occur in Windows 10. All features function correctly., whether signed in as Administrator or Standard user.

I will report the issue you've posted to the team at CyberLink for their attention.


Thanks a lot
Using PhD13 as a W11 Standard User , the application suddenly stop and close when I click on the following features from the guided menu:

  • AI style transfer

  • Sky replacement

  • Focus

  • Style

  • Deblur

Other features are working correctly.
If I use PhD13 as a W11 Administrator, There is no crash and the functionalities work correctely. Are we oblige to be only with the W11 administrator Status in order to use those features? There is no information regarding that point in the User documentation.
Thanks in advance for help
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