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Yes. When you place a title on the timeline and have no background image of video, PD uses a solid black background. When you project the video, only the text will show in whatever colors you've chosen, along with all effects and any start/end motions you've applied.

It's probably best to use white or bright/light colors if you want maximum visibility in a bright(ish) room, while you can use darker/bolder colors if the projector is powerful and/or the text will be displayed in a darker setting.

Thank you so much!
Hi, I'm using Power Director 12. I'm creating videos that are text only, that will be projected on a wall for a theater performance as part of the play. I'm creating the videos with the "Title" function, containing short phrases (for example, "Chapter One", "The Next Day", etc. I need for ONLY the text to appear, with no background or background color, like one can do with PowerPoint (long story, but trying to avoid using PowerPoint). Is this possible?
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