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Here's a thought. How about a colorizer for B&W photos? Maybe it wouldn't do a super fantastic job of guessing what the color was, but it would be cool to try and add color to some very old photos just to see what it would look like.
Negative image function for 35mm slides/negatives that are scanned into computer. I know that some scanners that come with slide holders and feature this sort of thing, also come with their own software that will convert these negatives once they're scanned in. And transform function (free and scale). Oh, and one more thing I can think of at the moment, how about a "color matching" or color tone matching" tool that will blend together pasted images within a composition. Usually, pasted images will have different white balance settings or color tone settings and the total composition looks "remedial" unless you have a tool that copies the WB and color settings of one image and applies it to another image.
Pix, I agree with you 100%, that we should be able to re-order layers and/or elements, bringing some layer into the foreground at will. Also, the ability to hide a layer when needed without really removing it from the composition would be nice.

I would also like to see a "dust and scratch" remover function for images that are scanned into your hard drive.

Some other suggestions include "Cloning" and "Healing" brushes and the ability to chain edit functions into one-button-push macros via a record action function similar to what Adobe uses.
A big hardy thanks to Pix and Capn'n Kevin for addressing this. If there is a separate thread for requests, I shall make sure any future requests are posted there. Thanks guys.
Thanks for the reply. Someone told me that Adobe PS has this feature (Flip Canvas Horizontally and Vertically). Maybe the fact that PhD 4 doesn't use the canvas concept may be reason for the omission. Still, for special effects and photo artwork, this is an essential edit tool.
...still can't find "Flip Horizontally" or "Flip Vertically". These are important editing functions that have been simply overlooked. Unless they are "hidden" somewhere.
a feature to "flip" the photo image or produce a "mirror" image? I don't see it and I cannot imagine why it was left out?
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