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I'm having a similar issue.

I have finally managed to download the PD365 update but when I try to install I get "An MD5 error occured during the download process and could not successfully complete" Is this the same erro anyone else has had?

I've re-installed CAM and to my regret now uninstalled PD365 in an attempt to perform a clean install. I still can't install so I have nothing installed now and can't download the software again. Just stuck at 0%. The same for all the Audio Director etc as well.

I've logged a support ticket so just wondering in the meantime if you guys are getting the same error?
Hi Dafydd,

Thanks for all the links, very useful.

With a little more investigation I think I've established that my system is basically good enough it's just the graphic card that need upgrading.


Hi all,

I've been a user of PD since release 8 and have just installed r11. For the first time I am having problems with the software hanging, freezing and crashing when editing (I've not got to producing yet!).

I think that I've already established that my graphics card is not suitable anymore so before I upgrade that I'm just looking for general advice on my system spec and therefore hopefully establish what else needs upgrading.

There is one proviso as far as the graphics card is concerned. I also use some CAD software which is particularly picky as to which card I can use. I've cross referenced between PD11's recomended cards and the CAD recomended card and there is not much common ground. The only range of cards suiting both are in the ATI Firepro range. As it happens I have an ATI Firepro 4800 installed at work so I would be interested to hear anyones comments as to that particular cards rating with PD11.

I've listed my Operating System & PD details below and I've also attached two DXdiag files as per the forum guide.

I really would appreciate everyones comments / recomendations!

Thanks all!

Windows 7 (64bit)
PowerDirector Ultimate (64 bit) R11
SR Number VDE130107-01

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