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Thanks again for looking into it! This is what's throwing me off -- I don't see the black bar when I initially import the media into PD, only after rendering.

When you say "zoom in" you mean open it in PiP Designer and do it from there? Also I'll look into Handbrake as you suggested.
Quote Probably better to attach a short clip of the actual phone footage with th issue. Initial guess, it might not be true 16:9 aspect ratio or just footage PD can't handle. Reposition or scale up slightly (zoom in) may eliminate your black bar.


Thanks Jeff -- I tried zooming in a little with the attached clip (above post) and it still has the black bar at the top. Must be something to do with the format generated from the Dualgram app I guess.
Attached is some raw footage directly from Dualgram. The app records three separate files -- front, back, and composite of both. Again, I don't see the black line at the top in this, just the exported video from PD.
This may just be my particular setup and difficult to track down...

I just noticed this on my second PD project and now I see it was in my first one as well. There's an odd black line at the top of some of the scenes in my projects, and I think it's only in the scenes where I used a particular app to record on my iPhone.

The line doesn't show up at all in the PD preview window -- only after rendering. I'm pretty sure it's only in the scenes I recorded using the "DualGram" app which records using the front and rear cameras at the same time. But it's not in the same videos when viewed outside of PD, or within PD in the preview window before export. Only after producing/exporting.

Just wondering if anyone else has run into something like this, or even where to begin tracking down the problem.

For example, here's a link to my first project:

You can see the issue pop up at around 1:55. Never mind the audio levels being all over the place -- that was before I learned about audio normalization! tongue-out

EDIT: forgot to mention my version -- PowerDirector 21.5.3107 (Director Suite 365)
Thanks for the suggestions! I'll play with those options a bit -- haven't done much with the Visual Repair tool yet.

In this particular clip, I'll either pull some audio from another clip with cleaner sound and use that instead, or incorporate music in that section. Back when I was using just iMovie on my phone I've done this quite a lot to cover up audio issues. I had imagined AD would "magically" fix it with AI tools... It has helped immensely in removing wind noise on my first PD project.

Definitely switching to a solid handheld tripod for the GoPro and can just use straps when I need to mount it to a tree limb or something.

Thanks again for the assistance.
I record a lot of footage using a GoPro on a small flexible tripod and if I even slightly move one of the legs it generates a popping/clicking sound (not sure if this is the correct term). I've played with various features in AudioDirector but can't figure out an easy way to remove the unwanted sounds. What is the proper way to do this in AudioDirector?

I've attached a sample video clip for example. This one has unwanted "clicks" starting around 8 seconds and 15 seconds.
Quote Hi billb -

No - that's not right.

First thing to do is make sure you have installed ALL the PowerDirector Content Packs.

Open CAM (CyberLink Application Manager) & select Effect Packs. You'll see which packs have been installed. There's PowerDirector Content Pack Essential, and Volumes 1-5.

You can also check at C:\Program Files (x86)\CyberLink\templates where the template folders are stored.

Cheers - Tony

Thanks Tony! I was missing the Essential pack. Download must have failed initially when I was trying to install several at a time. There are many more options in Themes now. Appreciate the help!

I've been working on a series of hiking videos and the previous 33 were all edited on iMovie on my phone. I wanted to stick with the same style used in the earlier ones, so I didn't take advantage of many features and the title text is very simple. Audio Director helped out a lot in some situations where I had a lot of wind noise to filter out. The audio ducking feature was great, too.

There was one scene shot at night that needed brightening at around 31:45. I played with it a little in Color Director but couldn't really do much with it -- still figuring things out and I think the scene was just too dark so maybe the data just wasn't there.

The transitions are nearly all simple fades except for the bike ride portion where I used shove starting at 21:25. Not really happy with what I did there.

It took me a bit to figure out the Pan & Zoom feature (used at around 29:30) but I think I've got the hang of it now. Again, I was used to how it worked in iMovie (pretty much automatic Ken Burns effect).

There's so much to learn with this suite! I'd like to work on the audio levels for the next video so the volume isn't all over the place.
Hi, new user here!

Are there only the three theme designer templates available in Power Director 21? I've downloaded/installed various addon packs through the Cyberlink Application Manager, but still only see the three (Pastels, Revealing Lines, Memory Field).

I've watched a few tutorials but they're all from previous versions and show many more templates.
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