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I have another bug report here.

If you complete the following steps on the latest version of PhD, you will get this error message and your virtual photo will be unusable:

  • Add layers to a photo by making an edit in Guided. Like add a frame template.

  • Go to Edit and then crop the whole image by using Crop. Do not select "Delete cropped pixels"

  • Confirm the crop and then go back to the Library

The image is now messed-up (thumbnail shows jumble of pixels/image) and you cannot edit this photo any more. If you select "Delete cropped pixels" this does not happen and everything is OK.

I know PhD says the right workflow order is Guided -> Edit but I don't think offering a crop in Edit that doesn't work really helps! undecided

Opening and closing the program makes no difference, the photo stays broken.


Hi Folks!

I have been playing around with file management options in PhD and may have a found a bug.

Steps to replicate:

  • Folder with both normal and virtual photos in it.

  • Rename folder in PhD

  • Now all the virtual photos are messed up. Some edits were just removed, some photos were rotated, etc. etc. My non-virtual photos were fine. Good job I had exported everything first...

I must admit that the file management options in PhD are much more limiting than I thought and this is why I was trying to do things like renaming folders. I'm now staying well away from that and will use labels, etc.

Anyway, can anyone replicate this -- with some dummy photos maybe?
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