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been testing and retesting.. the "odd" effect has nothing to do with stabilize since it is there wether i use stabilize or not

it was not there in PD15 (i opened the same project)

i'm using a theta s

had a little planet video done 2 years ago but i made it from individual images.. took a week to render just hoping it will take less time now
Quote Hi Guys,

A quick test of stabilization and 360 titles, and a new feature: Set initial view (!)


The stabilization works amazingly well! I was considering buying a Guru, but will keep that money in my pocket now The new feature Set inital view is also very welcome and works well, BUT only if you shift horizontally. It allows you also to look up/down, but this changes orientation of the Z-axis, making the horizon spin around that: not good. I will post to the PD forum as well tonight.

You can see this happening a bit in the third clip with my dog in the video.

Also, the View Designer menu item is completely missing here. I posted this here in the forum already. Randomly when I click the Set Initial View, I get a warning about switching to 2D for View Designer, but clicking it does not open View Designer but the Initial View window. Anybody else have this?

I imagine the Little Planet option is in the View Designer?

regards, Frank

Hi, just quick tested the stabilization with a strength of 30 (hope i did it right.. same place as regular video?) and i got a weird effect on zenith and nadir.
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