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After messing around for hours I just had to plug out the hdmi-cable and put i back in. It's working now. Praise restrictive DRM-methods for protecting us from ourselves.
PowerDVD does not allow me to watch Blu-Rays on my TV anymore. It's connected to my graphics card via Hdmi-cable. When I use the "Cyberlink BDAdvisor", it tells my that my connection type is digital without HDCP which can't be correct since I have watched Blu-Rays on the same television connected to the same graphics card before. The cable is connected to the Hdmi-port of the card, not the Dvi-port. Blu-Ray playback works fine on my other Tv which is connected via Hdmi-Dvi-adapter.

Are there solutions to this error?

PowerDVD 10
Windows 7 64bit
Radeon HD6870 (Driver version 8.98-120611a-142035C-ATI)
can anyone tell me if there's a way to have two versions of the software installed at the same time? Right now I use PowerDVD 10 and I want to have a newer version on my PC simultaneously. The reason is that my Blu-Ray collection includes Region B as well as Region A discs. The plan is to set one version of the software to A and the other one to B. I'd like to know if I can expect any problems before I purchase the software.

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