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I reinstalled PowerDVD, reset all the options, now the noise doesn't show anymore.

Cable and driver version (RTX 380, driver version 466.63 from mid June. I haven't changed any of them.

What I mean with "Overlay":

Using Win+PrtScr one can make a screenshot of the Windows-Desktop.
This usually also works while PowerDVD is playing a movie.

However, when that error appeared (white noise over the whole screen (also outside the window) which stopped as soon as I stopped PowerDVD), when I used that hotkey to take a screenshot, it would show my desktop perfectly without any noise and - more important - without the PowerDVD-WIndow. So I assumed that the window was displayed on an additional Layer and not in a classic window and that that method would not work for certain Blu-Rays (I also assumed it was because of copy protection).
Since I don' have a 4k screen and no use for any of the new functions, I am still running PowerDVD18.

But ... lately I have experienced problems with the overlay method, powerdvd is using.
The whole screen is filled with static noise., when running certain copy protected Blu-Rays or DVDs, it's not just the PowerDVD window, the whole screen is affected (I tried to make the window smaller).
I also tried to make a screenshot of it, but funny enough, that one didn't show neither the static nor the PowerDVD window itself.

Is there any setting that will prevent PowerDVD from using that overlay method and work in a native window?
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