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Tried everything, including a complete reinstall of PD and a refresh of WIndows 10 operating system. In the end, I did a bare metal re-install of Windows. Hey presto - problem gone.

(1st Oct 2017) I spoke too soon! After re-installing my other applications, the problem returned. Appears to be caused by a conflict with other installed software. Just don't have the time to keep investigating. If only Premiere Pro was a little cheaper!
There's a problem with PD 15 and 14 crashing after exiting from Multicam Designer. It's especially irritating because you can't save in Multicam Designer and PD doesn't save a temp file. I've lost many hours of work this way.

It appears to be caused primarily by attempting to exit Multicam Designer without first hitting the 'stop' button, .e.i. if you hit pause and then absent mindedly exit, it will crash. Has anyone else experienced this and reported it?

I reported it the problem a year ago, but no sign of a fix - they seem to be focused on adding uneccessary new features rather than developing stable, reliable products.
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