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Thanks for the reality check. Since there doesn't seem to be a secret place where my edited files might be magically stashed, time to cut my losses and move on. Thank you!

Quote I had a problem like this one time with PD. Chances are you have disc and/or Windows permission corruption, so the first thing to do is stop saving files in that folder. Your work is likely gone, but you can try saving a file to a completely different drive if you have one. I imagine that will work as expected.

For your HDD/SSD, reboot first and then open an Admin-level command prompt and run the chkdsk /f command on the destination drive (Google for more info). It may find damage and might be able to repair it, but expect to lose your processed files.

Depending on how that goes, you may also need to verify that Windows has the appropriate permissions to write to that folder. See this article for details.
I just downloaded and tried Everything. Got the same results as when I used the Windows search tool.

All the edited files -- all that remains of each of them is a 1KB link to the file (a shortcut.) And when I click on the shortcut, it tells me the shortcut has been deleted or has been moved, I'm outta luck.

All these shortcuts are in Appdata>Roaming>Microsoft>Windows>RecentItems

Fortunately the original files are also in my iTunes folder, so I can reclaim them from there if all else fails...


Quote Hello First19,

Welcome to the AudioDirector forum "laughing"

You are right to be alarmed at having (apparently) lost a saved file.

Though I don't regularly use WaveEditor, having AudioDirector available, I had to run some short tests just now. "Save track as" worked as you'd expect. By renaming the file or selecting the file destination, overwriting was avoided.

Your issue is perplexing, given that you seem to have taken all the correct steps. Obviously, you're aware of your file name & its intended file path.

Did you use the regular Windows search tool? I use a small application called Everything to track things down when they have me baffled.

I've used Wave Editor successfully many times before. This time, I edited a bunch of audio files, and saved them over their previous location. ("This file already exists, do you want to replace it? Yes.) So I "should" have had Happy.mp3 in the folder Edited Music.
However, there is no Happy mp3 file in that folder, or anywhere on my computer. Searched all over, hidden files, in Cyberlink, nothing. Both the original file and the edited file have vanished.

I ran a couple of tests. Made a copy of the music file, edited the copy and saved it. The copy disappeared too.

After editing the file, I said Save Track As, and saved it.
I am using Wave Editor 2 as a standalone, since I am only editing music files. I have PD installed on this PC also. Running Windows 10.

I would like to find these missing 15 files, since they took a lot of time to edit. Then I will reinstall WE.

Any help you can provide in finding the missing files would be great!
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