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I have installed PowerDVD 21 Ultra.
It plays UHD Blu-ray media, no issues, improved PQ over PowerDVD 17.

But there is a downside I haven't solved yet.

playing BDMV (or AVCHD) UHD folders, playback just hangs.

OK, thanks for the info. I never got past the Intel Management engine situation related to SGX, even though that had been updated. I don't need HDR either but I still can't get past the SGX situation. I can't ignore it because the software will not play UHD DVDs, unless I am missing something and I think I did turn off the HDR option.

My gaming, high powered systems, don't use the Intel graphics so they won't work. I still have a 17 inch Dell laptop I have not yet tried but it does not have a 4K display.

I probably need to get a 4K TV or monitor but don't know for sure if that money would be wasted also since the SGX problem does not seem to be tied to the monitor.

The original gaming laptop I was trying to use is now on Windows 11, even though it is not supported. I might try again with that configuration.

Thanks again..

No it does not. The Intel SGX feature only involves the CPU hardware, Intel chipset driver (Intel Management Engine), motherboard firmware (BIOS) and Windows OS configuration.


I am starting to get the impression that it will no longer be allowed for folks to playback UHD Blu-Ray videos. PowerDVD 21 can not seem to do it. I noticed the Intel i9 11900K processor, I have in my newest system, does not support SGX so the page I found at Dell seems to give a good indication as to what might be happening.

PowerDVD unable to play UHD-BD video | Dell US

Maybe another way will become available to protect content is SGX is in the past.. I think I will just let this go and stay with my 3D Video, which I really like.

No it does not. The Intel SGX feature only involves the CPU hardware, Intel chipset driver (Intel Management Engine), motherboard firmware (BIOS) and Windows OS configuration.


Well, I guess I am having some other problem with SGX. I have tried two systems, one older but qualiied and one new system. I always get the SGX is not available.. I suppose I will have to look somewhere else..

I seem to be having problems passing the SGX test. Maybe an answer would help so I was wondering if for the SGX test to be successful, does the system need to communicate with the Display device?

I am trying to check my system before spending money on a UHD monitor that may not work. If it needs the monitor to complete the test, then I will have to purchase the display before testing can complete.

The SGX drivers have been loaded and the SGX device does show in the Device Manager.


And as you all know, I can't do that because I'm stuck with Intel Graphics due SGX and other security ******** that only makes things hard to those who want to so stuff legally because we all know these discs can be ripped in minutes.

If it makes any difference but I just got PowerDVD 21 and installed it on a 7th Gen processor system. It appears to have all the things necessary but I keep getting the message about SGX and the Intel Management engine. So, SGX is still operational, at least on that system.

I checked the Bios on my 10th Gen motherboard system and the SGX options are still in that Bios.. I see they are already referring to the 12th Gen processors so maybe they will change but I am just getting into this and have fairly limited knowledge.

Edit: I just checked my Z590 11th Gen system and I do not see the setting. I could be overlooking it..
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