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Dear PowerDirector Moderator,
Any idea when this "FIX" will be coming out, because I have projects that I need to get done, and my renewal for Powerdirector 365 is also coming soon, and if I'm not going to have a program that works well then I am going to spend my money in a different direction, even though I've been a customer of Cyberlink for over a decade...



You have come across one of the issues that is hard to solve with a simple re-load of a previous version!

Because of the way PDR structures the .pds project file, for any project file saved under the most recent version (even if it was started in a previous version) access will be "locked" from any previous version.

So I presume your situation is as follows:
You started a project in PDR21 (or continued a project started in PDR20 or 19 .....), edited away, saved and then came across the issue in question.
You then "rolled back" by a simple uninstall/re-install of the previous version, but now your "new" or "continued" project cannot be accessed by the re-installed earlier version, because it was saved under PDR21.

There isn't a simple workaround for this.

Hopefully, in the case of a project continued from an earlier version, you may have an early saved version that you can at least access, although you might have lost some edits in the meantime.
Have a hunt for any previous versions/backups/autosaves in case that may allow you to carry on?

For a new project, started in PDR21, you may have to wait for the fix that CL will provide, before you can access that file.

PowerDirector Moderator
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