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Quote: Hate to say it but PowerDVD 10 Ultra Mark II also has problems with the new extended collectors version of Avatar, 3 blu-ray disc set. My laptop, Alienware M15X, is more than capable of running blu-ray but this blu-ray set will not play without stuttering audio and video.

For info running ATI drivers 10-11, the latest, with ATI Mobility Radeon HD5730 and Matshita BD-RE UJ235A with latest firmware.

so is my m17X wich cost a wooping 4k
i have the exact same problem except it says it is not compatable with a mouse. why should i deal with this crap i payed for a bluray player on a alienware so i can watch bluray not black nothing ness and now they are "forcing me to pay to upgrade something to full" which came preinstaled just to use a 300$ blu ray disk player. now i dont know about what ever under developed country these people live in but in what local (usa, canada) scociety is that considered legal. do you walk up to a book store buy a book then pay a additional cost just to read it? now why should i pay 50$ to kiss their asses like that honestly i say i have the right to use my bluray disk playing device to play my epic movie without having to pay additional costs (if you say electrical costs then your an idiot because that is just being a smart ass) now i will list that i have the demo which is PREinstaled as well i will not list anything else point final now if i do not get what i am legaly entitled to then i will become upset !!
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