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Sorry I thought that info was in dxdiag. PowerDvd 9.0.2919.52 SR CDS 100601-03. I have AMD installed but PowerDVD says audio attributes are unknown. I use HD VDeck for sound control as I did on previous install. Given this I find this odd from info page of powerdvd:
Multispeaker audio device: Speakers (VIA High Definition A (not in use)
S/PDIF output device: Speakers (VIA High Definition A (not in use)

I found out that English audio #2 did work but not default English #1. Unfortunately, of the two bd I tried, you can only choose English #2 after the movie plays. The menu to choose the audio 'track' doesn't even come on till the previews are done in silence. It seems like the default dts audio is in english #1 and for some reason I can't hear anything when it is selected even with digital out or spdif out. English #2 will play through spdif and i can select it through HD VDEck. SO, does this mean it's as good as I can get it or can I make the default audio function correctly?
Ok, tried reinstall with cleaner. Same result. Took out the second optical drive because install defaulted to it instead of BD drive. So, after all these gyrations and hours of troubleshooting, I decided to build a new install of Win 7 Pro 64 bit on a new SSD to boot from. Installed Cyberlink from OEM disk and BD plays video without sound in that copy of PowerDVD! Complete reversal of the problem. Standard DVD plays fine with audio and picture as does video from HDD. Note this is not uptodate Power DVD, but yes uptodate ATI drivers since I recently downloaded them. During install of Windows I paid attention to pertinent drivers for BD playing.
So I can run from HD the repaired version of Powerdvd with no picture or off SSD with no sound. Note we have been at this months.

here is new DXdiag in 32 bit
i sent 64 bit i will send 32 now. it will be with the updated video drivers.
Used new BD adviser and it says video driver ok as well all basic requirements. this was even before I updated to 8.800.0.0 from 8.790.0.0. Ran ATI Catalyst to update driver as requested.
Power DVD only plays sound on bluray disk and plays regular DVD fine. so same problem as from beginning. still get message about mouse for menu of BD-J content. Noticed that pressing play arrow makes a message 'prohibited' to flash on the corner of the screen yet the disk starts to play anyway since sound comes on. other controls not effective.
Also note in information screen that it says the region was not selected. Under video tab, it has region as A but greyed out and not active screen it also says i can change regions 4 more times. Now what to do?
Here is all you asked for as a word file.
installed new super multiblue LG drive with powerdvd 9 from oem disk Ver 1.2a. OS windows 7 64 bit, i7 cpu, Radeon HD4600 video card and all drivers up to date. Samsung 244T monitor on a DVI cable. Everything says it should work.

BD Avisor (from oem disk) says NO, the graphics driver is not up to date. it is the latest according to ATI. playing Blu-ray disks show no picture but audio comes through OK. Standard DVD plays fine both video and sound.

Only error message is one that says the software does not support a mouse interface. Odd because it continues to work and works fine with standard DVD. HAve yet to try burning a Blu-ray DVD or a standard DVD with this drive. so, graphics driver seems to be problem that I cannot fix. please help.
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