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Hello all,

I would like to know if this is possible and how...

So, if I have a video I took using my HD camera and I want to edit its quality, make it look better like I can with pictures using Power Director do I do this?
I know how to import the video into the editing area of power director and place it on the time line. But, if I want to make this video look better before adding things to it like pictures and fades do I do this?

You make it brighter...maybe lighter...sharper...such fixes on a video taken.

Thank you!!!
I haven't produced the video from the Go Pro, is there a way to edit it before producing it using Power Director 12?

Thank you.
Hello all,

Is it possible to use the powerdirector 12 to remove the fish eye look of a Hero recording?

Thank you,

Hi All,

Been awhile since I had to use

Anyone use this to produce your GoPro camera shoots?
How did they come out...and tips on uses such as trying to get a slow motion segment on your production?

Any tips while using the GoPro for producing movies later using this software is appreciated.
Also, I still am using the powerdiretor 8.
I dont have 64bit on my PC so have not made the change...didnt think it would be advantagious....ture?

Thank you!


I have a GoPro HD and the wide angle lens.
Is there a way to fix fisheye on a video with power director 10?

Thank you.
Hey all,

I have a new GoPro HD and find it works well for some of my outdoor activities. Problem is, the fisheye effect that is towards the outside of the video frame. I see there is a product called "Motion 5" that can take care of this fisheye on a video. Can Power Director do this?? I have power director 8 at this time. I dont know if mycomputer can handle power director 10. Anyway, your help in this is appreciated.

Thank you.
Hey Tony....

That works great....I just needed/wanted to have a file outside of powerdirector.
I am planning on upgrading to Powerdirector 9 soon. THe last time I upgreaded I lost everything because it deleted the previous version. So, I was hopeing there was a way to keep the custom work I had done on the computer. Also if I change computers I can copy them over to it from those files.

Thank you again Tony!!!!!

Hey Tony...

Yeah, I see that save button...
I do save it under a given name...thats cool.
But, it saves it to the menu area within power director. They are saved to the Menu Preferances area in the Create disk tab...and no choices to save it to a particular file within the computer drive itself.
Thats more what I want to do with some of these menu's. Save them in a file within the C drive on my computer.

Is there a way to do this I am missing...or?

Thank you!

Hey all.... there a way (besides uploading to the powerdirector zone) of saving a menu to a file on the computer?
I know I can upload it and then download it to get it there....but I do not see a way to save it to my hard drive anyother way.
Is there a way....or will I have to upload it and then download it?

Thank you.
Thank you Kevin....

I'll do it like you sugget....

THank you again!!
Hi All,

Well..I got a canon vixia HF M30 for Christmas :

All is well but....I hook it up to the computer and my computer see's it. I can use the software on windows 7 to get the videos and pictures off it. But....I want to use Powerdirector 8.
I hook it all up and open powerdirector 8...Then i go to the capture area. It does not see the camcorder. Only the mic symble is accessable at that point. I turn off the camcorder and then back on.....not help. I unhook the usb...reastablish the connection....still nothing.
Any ideas?
If I cant use powerdirector to capture videos off my camcorder what software would you use.

Thank you.
Hi Tony....

I am using PD8 at the moment.
I will be upgrading when I get a good PC that the 64 bit will be of use.
Is there a way to do what I am asking with PD8...or?

Thank you!
Hi All,

In the Create Disk section I want more frame choices to use as selection buttons for chapters. So, is there a tutorial I am not finding showing how to do this?
I see how to import them....but I dont know how to make them so I can have a picture inside a object that will become a frame in the Create Disk section. Also, I have done searches for them on the zone...but I am either looking in the wrong area or using the wrong search verbage.

Thank you for any help you can offer.

Hello all,

I am looking for Dragons...Red fire breathing Dragons to be specific.

Both short video and background picture styles.

In a Dvd Menu/Chapter.

Thank you!!
Thank you again Tony...I cant tell you how much this and the other who take time to answere (what must be to you and them elementary) questions from myself and others means. Wow..helps make the Powerdirector experiance so much more pleasant and easy.

Thank you Tony!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

ABCHD...will this/can this play in a regualr DVD player?? Or must I always use DVD....which seems to be just a MEG2.
And if so....when I produce the video if I cant use ABCHD for viewing on a regular DVD is my best choice for the best quality to produce it using only MEG2?

If I want to have the best quality video/slideshow to play on a regular DVD what should I set it at in produce and in the burn CD area?

thank you!!!!!
Is there a way to extend the music in the background on the title and chapter pages?

Thank you!

after I produce a saves.
Where do I reopen it so I can create a disk at a later time?
I cant find it or see how to reopen it in create disk... or in produce file. So I can create another disk later on.

Thank you!
Found it...

Once again...Tony to the recue!
It made two PDS file and then (now I see) a Produce file.

Thank you Tony!!
Helllo all, is the thing.
I have a Dell Laptop that is a dual core 166....1 gig of ram.....and what looks like 1 gig of cashe.
I assume this to be my problem but need advise before throwing money away I dont have....

I have been trying to build a time line that works out to be around 28 minutes.
It has and title boards here and there through out its length.
I had a (out of memory) message come up at around 18 minutes while building it.
I also started to have some program (not responding). But I eventually got to 28 minutes and what I want to be the end of the movie.
So, I produce goes through fine. No matted if I produce it as high quality or whatever quality.
But then in the create disk it all goes bad.
I have tried to use a title and no title when I try to burn....but it fails.
Most of the time I start to burn...then it sits there like its doing nothing...then all of a sudden it goes to 1%....then sits there doing nothing...then again it all of a sudden goes to 6% ....then sits there....then after a little while I get a (not responding) across the blue area of the buring disk box.
I shorten the movie...cut it to hell....with only around 15 minutes of movie and pictures and it will burn a disk as long as I dont try to use a title page. I have cut off all the it does not have them at all and it really does not help. It just seems as though I cat have a movie longer than 10 to 15 mionutes.
PLease help me know what I need to do....bigger processor??...more ram??...doing something wrong??...If I needa a new machine to so this power director...what size??...I want to do a movie more then 30 mi 45 with videos and pictures...what do i need??.. I have powerdirector 8 now that I am trying to use. Should I go back to the (7) version...or??

thank you!!!
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