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PIX's Last Day
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Dear PhotoDirector Users,

We’d like to announce that today, September 30, is PIX’s last day as a moderator of the PhotoDirector, AudioDirector, ColorDirector, and several other forums.

We can’t thank him enough for going above and beyond to help users, and teaching many of us how to get the most out of the software.

Thank you PIX, and we truly hope we’ll see around the forum now and again.


P.S. We’ll leave this announcement thread unlocked if anyone cares to share your appreciation as well. Please direct any sales or technical issues to CyberLink's customer support team:

Sales or installation related issues:

Software technical issues:
Bernd1948 [Avatar]
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Hello PIX,
also from me, from Germany, many thanks for your help and tips. Gruß Bernd
Technical support:

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This is quite sad to hear, as PIX has been a kind, compassionate and thoughtful moderator for the entire time I've been on the forum. In fact, he (along with some of the other long-time members) inspired me to become engaged and support this online community, and it's going to be quite different without him here.

I always appreciated how welcome he made everyone feel, from veterans to total newbies, and how willing he was to spend as much time as needed to understand and respond to every question posted.

Have trouble with an obscure file format? He'd scour the internet to find samples and load them into several different versions of the CL app and show the results in an easy-to-read table or clearcut video. Have trouble using an obscure feature? Here comes a shiny new tutorial showing all the steps. Find a bug or two in a new release? Off he'd go into problem-solving mode and make sure his contacts at CL were appraised of the situation, even if he (or other forum members) couldn't duplicate the issue.

In short, PIX is an example of what was great about this community. Someone who wanted to help and was willing to spend as much time and energy as needed to either solve the issue or make sure the right people knew about it. I think everyone benefitted from his presence and he will be sorely missed.

PIX, I hope you'll enjoy the additional free time you have now and will get to do more of the things you truly love doing. Thanks again for everything you've done here. My life is certainly richer having "worked" with you all these years!

Please take care coollaughingsealed
JL_JL [Avatar]
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Thanks for your 11 years of pure dedication being moderator of several forums. These forums will probably never be the invigorating, challenging, stimulating, contributing type of community again. Even if you didn’t know the answer directly, or an item you had no experience with, you always put in the effort to try and resolve properly.

I also appreciated your efforts trying to push things up to CL when needed to try and resolve an issue or provide features/corrections for a better product.

Another true loss to the forum as PIX moves on.

tomasc [Avatar]
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Sorry to hear that PIX has left here as a moderator. I read and enjoy his helpful answers in the PhotoDirector forum.
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