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Playback with changes
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mico888 [Avatar]
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Hi All,

This is my first time posting. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has this issue but I am having some trouble with playback to include the changes i've made. If I have multiple video track all cut it, it will only play one. I have tried in both movie mode and clip mode. Can someone please help!! If it helps, I am trying to make a music video. Thanks again.
Warry [Avatar]
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I am not sure what it is you are asking. You have a multi video track. Does that mean that you have a number of clips that are in the timeline and in more than one track?
You say you have all cut it. What does that mean that you have made changes to (all?) those tracks and that only one is showing (playing). Is that in the preview screen?
Maybe it helps if you make a screenshot of how your timeline looks like? And post it here?
Some hints:

  • alltracks in the timeline should be visible in the preview screen, however 9in normal setting mode) PD will display the clip in the highest track number ABOVE the clips in other tracks. E.g. if the is a clip in track 2 that fits completely in your screen that whatever clip or image you have in track 1 at the same place will NOT show in the preview screen nor in the final result. To "fix" this you will either make the clip in trak 2 smaller so that it reveals a bit of track1, or you can also something about the opacity of track 2 clip so that it shows track 1 too.

  • It is also possible to make a mask on track 2 so that some of it will be masked off so that track 1 will become visible .

  • Also have a look at the left side of the tracks. It may be that the "eye" in a track has a line throught it which means, do not show this track (or in case of audio: do not sound this track)

As said, a screen shot of your timeline may help give better solutions and hints...
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