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How do you manage your files/folders (on your machine and within PhotoDirector)
DamienC [Avatar]
Newbie Joined: Jul 24, 2020 19:46 Messages: 7 Offline
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Hello all,

Today I have a silly question for pretty much anyone using PhotoDirector.
I used to have one big folder per device (one for my Sony Alpha, one for my older Panasonic camera, one per mobile device,...).
Within PhotoDirector I've only been working on the Sony camera pictures, since these are the only one I have in RAW.

But recently I've noticed opening the Photodirector library that points to one folder with 4000 photos may be slightly unefficient (also, in the next two years the number will probably be doubled).
So I was wondering; How do you manage your photos... One folder per vacation destination ? one folder per year ? Per device ?
Or do you split everything ?

And within PhotoDirector;
Do you use the Stacking function ?
Do you create one project per... something (year/trip/customer-product) ?

I'm not sure what the advantages of using projects and/or stacking are.

And final question; I took my Surface Pro on vacation last year and all the photos from these vacations were edited exclusively on the surface pro. My main workstation is another laptop. What's the best way to have all the photo modifications transfered to my main workstation ?

Thanks for your time and patience.
Have a good day.
QC2.0 [Avatar]
Senior Contributor Joined: Apr 27, 2016 04:02 Messages: 610 Offline
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I prefer putting and managing photos in different projects separately if there are large amount of photos and increasing from time to time.

To carry the projects and edit them on other devices, you might have to export your projects along with photo files together to a folder first in Photodirector, then take the exported project folder to other machines.

I rarely use the stacking feature as it just collapses selected photos into a simplified and single entry in photo browser. I'm not seeing actual benefits of using the stacking to pile photos.
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