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Capture resolution with YouCam 10 and Zoom
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With YouCam 9, I kept the resolution setting at 1920x1080. Zoom kept the same resolution, at least so far as keeping the 19:16 aspect ratio. (The actual resolution depended on bandwidth or whatever.)

Since I installed YouCam 10/365, Zoom and YouCam seem to be doing something with my resolution. If I fire up YouCam, I can set the resolution to 1920x1080. When I then fire up Zoom, the capture resolution shown in YouCam might be 640x480 or 1280x720. That seems to depend on how I start things up. If I use the GO button in YouCam to open Zoom, I think that forces it to 640x480. If I open Zoom manually, that seems to let me use 1280x720.

What's going on here? I want to keep the 16:9 aspect ratio, at the very least. I have dozens of 16:9 backgrounds, plus it took me a long time to get my lighting and green screen just so. 1280x720 works, but when it drops to 640x480 the image looks nasty.

YouCam limits the resolution to 1280x720 if you enable any effects, but that doesn't matter. I'm not using effects, and I even tried turning off Zoom.

Again, this was no problem with YouCam 9. I'm guessing that the tighter integration with Zoom has something to do with it.

This shouldn't be so touchy.

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Jerry Schwartz
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