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Locating multiple moved/missing files at once?
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Shade89 [Avatar]
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I'm using Power Director 18.

After I was done with an old project I moved all the raw video clips into seperate folders (by date). Now when I go back into this project it's asking me to browse to the location of each individual file. I have about 200 video files in about 80 folders and wanted to ask if there's any way to get Power Director to identify all of these clips at once instead of me having to do them one by one.

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Unfortunately, PDS files store the location of each clip where they were when you were editing the project, and if you've since changed their locations you'll either have to move the clips (or create copies) back into the original folder structure, or manually point PD to each clip as it tries ro load them onto the timeline.

Note that if you go the manual route, you'll want to save the project (or use Save As and give it a different name) even though it won't show that any content has been changed or you'll lose all the clips and will have to start over if you ever need to open the project again. In other words, if you simply close PD, you won't be prompted to save any changes and will lose all your detective work

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