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PowerDVD 21/ UHD Playback
Pezzy [Avatar]
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Hi all.

Besides posting here, I am also simultaneously in contact with Cyberlink's Tech Support; there's been some back & forth communication, but I'd also like to post in this forum because sometimes the feedback & suggestions can be just as good here.

As stated in my Subject line, I have PowerDVD 21; file version is now: 21.0.60578.1901. I am having issues with Ultra Hi-def playback. These are video files (NOT UltraHD Blu-ray discs), files on my hard drive (more precisely, my Solid State Drive).

These are digital video files (.mkv files) that are in the display resolution of 3840 x 2160. Here are some examples of the video files/ movies, and their specs:

Licorice Pizza; 2160p; x265; 10bit; HDR10Plus; DDP5
Morbius; 2160p; x265; 10bit; HDR; DDP5
Studio 666; 2160p; x265; 10bit; HDR; DDP5
Memory; 2160p; x265; 10bit; HDR10Plus; DDP5

When I attempt to play a video file with this resolution, it seems like it's about to launch, and in the middle of the video player's screen is a spinning circle.....but it just keeps spinning but the video file never launches and plays.

It is not an issue with the video file/ files themselves. It has happened with multiple files, and to rule out that it is a problem with the video file itself, I launched it in a different video player program; I'm sure a lot of you have heard of VLC Media Player? These video files play just fine and properly in VLC's media player.

As many of you probably already know, VLC Media Player is a free piece of software and can play just about any video file format I send through it, but.....I prefer the PowerDVD player. I like the controls (Fast Forward/ Reverse, and the incremental steps one can use), video preview when hovering the mouse cursor on the video's timeline, etc.

Can anybody figure out why the hi-def video files I listed above will play in the VLC player but not in PowerDVD? I'll include a screenshot of the PowerDVD player when it attempts to play the hi-def file and displays that never-ending spinning circle.

The last communication I had back from CyberLink Tech Support was them asking me for a screenshot of my Control Panel's list of installed Programs; perhaps they want to see if I've got a program installed that is somehow interfering or conflicting with PowerDVD? I don't know; they didn't say......and I haven't responded back yet.

Anyway.....any help, tips, or suggestions would be appreciated. Perhaps this is a Setting somewhere within PowerDVD that can resolve this issue....

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PowerDVD Spinning Circle
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I know PowerDVD relies a lot on the GPU to play HDR video, so it could be related to that. They are asking about your installed programs, because they probably want to know if you have any GPU optimization or overclocking tools installed that may affect PowerDVD performance.

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