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Color Director 10 Stand Alone
detroit123 [Avatar]
Senior Member Joined: Dec 20, 2011 14:58 Messages: 194 Offline
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is there option to purchase Color Director 10 stand alone ?

all I see on the website is the monthy pay plans
Senior Contributor Location: California, USA Joined: Sep 16, 2011 16:04 Messages: 8630 Offline
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I don't see any option on the main CL website for that. I also tried downloading the free CDR10 version and it also only shows monthly or annual subscription options for purchase.

Maybe PIX or another moderator can confirm that CDR is now only available as a subscription product. The same may apply to the other Director Suite apps (PhD and ADR). So far, a lifetime license for PDR20 is still available.
detroit123 [Avatar]
Senior Member Joined: Dec 20, 2011 14:58 Messages: 194 Offline
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that is poor if they only offer as subscription. They are then collecting more money from everyone over time

is the CD 10 a much better product from people's experience so far ?

I would like to hear the feedback
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Hello detroit123 & optodata,

I've just double checked my emails to confirm what you've found.

One of my CL contacts wrote (29 September, 2021): "We don't have CDR perpetual version anymore..." which confirms that the only CDR purchase option is a 365 subscription.

Oddly, if you go the the CL Support Center under Downloads, you can download update patches for CDR10. The notes state "This patch is not for ColorDirector 365 subscription version." I can't explain that one.

I can also confirm that I don't have CDR10 (perpetual) installed on any PC here. Only CDR365.


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detroit123 [Avatar]
Senior Member Joined: Dec 20, 2011 14:58 Messages: 194 Offline
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thanks for the info

is CD 10 much better than other version like the 7 that I have ?
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Hello again,

To be frank, I've never done a side-by-side performance comparison of different versions of CDR.

It rather depends on your purposes (i.e. how you use colour correction software). For example, the current CDR365 includes an Effect module that is completely absent from CDR7.

For some users, this may make little difference. To others it would be a game changer. It depends completely on what you might want to do with your videos. Most adjustment features are the same, on the face of it but, for your own interest, it would be worth exploring these Effect features.

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meerkat [Avatar]
Newbie Joined: Oct 12, 2022 12:17 Messages: 14 Offline
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It's so disappointing to hear that there is no stand-alone version of ColorDirector, because I just purchased the lifetime license version of PowerDirector20. I have no interest in getting involved with a subscription version of anything.

From what I have read here, ColorDirector is the only PD product that would allow me to change the color of a specific object. In my case it would be to correct the color of flowers; flowers that are in the pink/magenta color family are problematic on some video cameras, and blues are tricky as well. The Fix/Enhance tools in PD20 only work globally on the entire image and cannot isolate a specific color or object.

I know that this can be done with more advanced editors such as Premiere Pro, etc, but to get involved with one of those just for a single feature would be illogical. Plus, I think those are only subscription-based nowadays as well.

I suppose there is no chance that any future PD updates will add a single-color Replacement or Enhancement function?

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