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Blacks / Picture quality in Movies look bad in Power DVD 21
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Andrenos [Avatar]
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when I played a movie in PowerDVD21 the picture looks very bad. The blacks are greyish. I tried to change my monitor to full/limited RGB and in the AMD Software but still no change. I connected my Projector still same problem. I reinstalled PowerDVD21, nothing changed. When playing the movie in the Windows Film&TV app the picture looks always great! Here is a comparison. Even the movie bars look much more black in the Windows Film&TV app.

Update: So I've found out that its a problem with PowerDVD 21 + DirectX vs AMD Software. The solution is to change the setting in AMD Software/Video/Custom to -16%. It's so laughable because this problem exist at least since last year and till this day neither Cyberlink nor AMD fixed it. I regret my purchase.
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FarCry [Avatar]
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Welcome in our "victim's club".
I'm glad you found the other topic. There is still no real solution and we have no response from AMD.
If you're watching legally bought Blu-Rays - then your only workaround is to use onboard graphics or switch to Nvidia graphics card. Or... if it looks OK to your eyes, just use the "-16%" setting in AMD driver.

Or just refund it. =)
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