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How does one draw over a video without animating the drawing?
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jabowery [Avatar]
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I know one can go to F5 (Pip) and create a drawing but it animates. I don't want it to show the viewer all the trouble* I went through to create the overlaying drawing.

I know that one can go to an external program like paint or gimp and create a drawing that one can then import the drawing but I need the drawing to be very precisely aligned with the images in the video.

*And by the way it was a lot of trouble to create even an unwanted animated drawing because Cyberlink updates the cursor position about once a second while painting (despite my having a very advanced nVidia card which I permitted Cyberlink several minutes to optimize). It was only after I went to that excruciating trouble that I discovered I had to throw all that work away because it was animating my painful work.

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Warry [Avatar]
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Nice problem!
There are a number of ways of achieving this. It depends a bit on what kind of line or drawing you need. If you are after a straight line, then it may be worth it while to insert a color bord in the track underneath your clip. Then change the color bord into a line, you can get to (almost) any thinness and size, and position and rotate the line anywhere on the screen.
Another method would be to draw the line precisely as you describe. And save that line (give it a name etc.)
Put the line in the track underneath the clip and then position the “cursor” to a point where the line has been completed after drawing.
Then select the clip above and set the opacity to 0% by dragging the opacity line down. What is left (in the preview screen) is the complete line. Take a snapshot on that position. (The alternative is to put the snapshot on a place where there is no clip and take a snapshot of that....)
Delete the drawing from the track and replace it with the snapshot, which can be given the required start- and end point and length.
Then open de PIP designer and set a chroma key for the (black) background and close the designer. Because the snapshot shows the result of the drawing not the drawing itself, you end up with a line that can appear and disappear at will.
I am sure that there are other ways of getting what you want, without the help of external drawing software. The methods above did not take much time to execute.
Have fun!
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