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Warning before updating NewBlueFX plug-ins!
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NewBlue FX just released a slew of updates for their plug-ins, like Stabilizer, Elements 3 Energizer and Filters 5 Refocus. All of the affected packages will show up in the NBFX Activation Manager (and aren't related to the FX bundled with PD), and all afftected version numbers end in x.x.211005 (as in Oct 5 2021).

If you install any of these updates then try to launch any version of PD, it will crash as soon as the media libary contents are shown. If you reboot, newer versions like PD19 or 20 may be able to run, but the updated plug-in will no longer be available. Older PD versions, like PD14 and PD17, will not be able to launch until the updated plugin(s) has/have been removed.

I'm going to report this to both CL and NBFX but please be careful and avoid any of these updates until the issue can be resolved.

As long as you have older installer versions of these plug-ins, you should be able to restore the functionality. I restored my last system image before the PD20 version of PD365 came out and the issue is present in PD19, so this appears to be unrelated to the licensing issue that voided all bundled NBFX last month.

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