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Application manager update 4.0.0922.0
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Warry [Avatar]
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The Application Manager got updated today.

What I like about this update is:
- The effect packages overview given more information per pack
- Next to the status Installed and Install I noticed the Update, which may be new (?)
- download and installations work fairly fast
What I dont like about this update is:
- After pressing install, one is inclined to search for and download more, it is now (even) harder to track whether a download and/or installation is ongoing and how many of these are still active. It would be good to have somewhere an overview of the general download and installation status?
- I see a number of PowerDirector content Essential packs, with and without any additional information. It is not clear whether they are essential for my (365) version, or whether I can leave them alone because they belong to older version(s) which I have (currently) not installed.
- There is also a creative design pack in the programs list.
What I would suggest is:
- add the option to give a simple list for effect packs like availble for Audio and fonts
- Make clear for the selection of tutorials and the Blog that a browser will be opened; e.g.: (online)
- for the long term customers with many versions: Make clear to which version or versions an item is applicable.
- Update the online tutorial video which is outdated.
All in all good progress.

(knowing that CL does not read forum, I have also submitted this text via the rate us & Provide suggestions. :
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These are great obsevations and suggestions! I may be able to answer a couple of your questions:

The CAM provides all content packs for all previous versions of PD to subscribers and all packs retain their same names from the beginning. No pack is specific to any version of PD - meaning none has become irrelevant with newer versions of PD - and I think the Essential packs were named that as they many sought-after items (at least as defined roughly 10 years ago).

It's strange that not all packs have the Learn More hyperlink option. On my system it's missing for all 5 Premium Content packs, the Essentials pack and the Morisawa Font pack. Fortunately, you can manually review the contents of each of them from this page and then decide if you'd like to add them, although it seems like their contents should be integrated into the new CAM like all the other packs.

You also won't need to worry about then becoming obsolete or superceded as CL typically doesn't update them once they're released, however I see there is an update to the TV Broadcast Titles pack and I was able to quickly get the new version.

Finally, I don't see anything but the 4 Director Suite programs listed on the My Programs tab so hopely CL customer service/tech support can help if you directly submit a support request.
Warry [Avatar]
Contributor Private Message Location: The Netherlands Joined: Oct 13, 2014 11:42 Messages: 452 Offline
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Thanks for the additions Optodata.
I while ago I have made in My Programs all the entries but the 4 365 suite programs "hidden", so indeed these are the 4 that show in that "tab" with the option "any status". However, when I display the hidden entries (option in the top right corner), then I see a number of suites I previously obtained, which btw I think is great to have them here. AND a "Creative Design Pack Wedding Pack Wedding Pack" (precisely as listed), appears in the list of programs, hence my comment.
I acknowledge what you write about the packs of previous versions. My point is that at some stage it becomes unclear even to the more experienced CL software users, which is which and whether or not packs should be installed. Also if CL decides to changes packs, or rename or update them, I think they should prevent user systems folders being cluttered with packages, to be a bit more precise on what should and should not be installed along a current or desired version?
I wonder what will happen if a user decides to stop the 365 and continue with a (previously) bought version. How does CAM and for that matter CL in the windows folders, sort that out?
And... I should hasten to add: this is also the opportunity for CL to make previous versions of 365 programs available as an option, should the latest 365 version be buggy and the users wants to get back to a previous, working version.

The last remark (all made with good intentions to help CL to improve), looking at my CL program and data folders I would say that some sort of consistency is in order. I see (LUT and some creative) packs in the program folder; some style packs and templates in the (x86) program folders. Maybe all there because of previous versions. I think CL does a great job in recognizing templates and customized stuff from previous versions. But we see that it takes the program(s) a while to sort these things out.
And perhaps even patches, to prevent from happening that users have to separately download and replace files, as with the recent Audio issues.

(I can only hope that CL DOES read these kinds of things and puts them somewhere on their list of things to do to make the CL estate more perfect:)
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