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How to combine pics of 2 animals into 1 new animal
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detroit123 [Avatar]
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I am pretty sure PhotoDirector 365 can do this easily

I want to take existing pics of 2 different animals and using masking, blending, etc Create a pic of a new animal

basically, I may take some small part of one of the pics and add it to the other pic to create a new looking animal

Hope someone can tell me the best quick steps to do this
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There are several ways to do this in PhotoDirector.

You can use layers in the Edit module:

To do this, you will have to mask out the part of animal, and the background, you don't want. This will be quite time consuming I think.

The easiest way would probably be to use Background Removal in the Guided window to remove the content in a photo you don't want, i.e. just leave the animal's head, and then save it to the Background Removal Library. See for more info.

Then in Photo Composer, select the second photo and then import (Add Image) the first photo from the Background Removal Library and resize and re-position.

PIX made a tutorial a few years ago on how to do these two steps. The window was called "Edit" back then, but everything else should be the same:

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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