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adding and removing tracks: inconsistent behavior
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Warry [Avatar]
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Just an observation:
I think that the way tracks can be managed in PD is already fairly good.
When adding a FX-track (which btw is a bit cumbersome, why not make that a bit easier CL, like a menu option to add one FX-track?) instead of making the number of audio tracks 0, because of a typo I added 10 audio tracks (10 instead of 0). Then I removed the empty tracks, which resulted in 3 audio tracks only. Maybe it is a feature. When playing a bit more with the adding and removing of tracks, it looked (as far as I could see) a bit inconsistent. One can remove empty tracks, but the first 3 remain. And the remove track option is disabled for the first 3 tracks. In some cases, one ends up with an audio only track as track number 1, which can only be deleted, when moved to the 4th place.
(I have submitted this as a suggestion to CL.)
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I think you've summarized the situation very well, and I also think the feedback channel is the right way to go.

I know the current situation came up in response to previous feedback where people said they didn't want mandatory title, narration, music and FX tracks, and I personally would like to see a project setting where the default number and type of tracks could be specified as some projects have very different needs than others.

I also find it cumbersome to use the right-click Add Tracks tool since you have to make the quantity changes for all 3 track types before clicking OK, and in my opinion it would be easier to have individual options for adding a single type x track right where the cursor is (iright-click and choose one of these 4 discrete options: Add FX/Video/Audio/AV track here).

I just submitted this idea to rate Us & Provide Suggestions too 👍
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