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Blockiness in videos streamed from my Synology DiskStation
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Hi Forum Members

Earlier today, I posted the following message on the support forum for my router, but I'd be interested in receiving any initial thoughts from members of this forum while I am waiting for a response to my other post.

This is what I've said on the other forum:-

"I’d like to run a problem I have past the
experts on this forum if I may, just to eliminate (or not) my router as
being a possible cause.

I have an ASUS RT-AX88U, wall-mounted at the top of the stairs,
supplying streaming content from my Synology DiskStation 220+ to two
televisions via Amazon Fire TV sticks. The DiskStation is connected to
the router via an Ethernet cable and the televisions via Wi-Fi on
channel 44. One TV is in the adjacent bedroom and one in the lounge
below. Both Fire TV Sticks report the signal strength as being very good
and the quality as being good (lounge TV) and very good (bedroom TV).
The router is running on Merlin firmware version 3.2.6. The problem I
have started getting recently is that the picture on the TV's is showing
blockinginess, particularly noticeable in the darker parts of the
picture. This happens on both TV’s and also when watching on my laptops,
although it’s a little less noticeable on the computer screens. I have
tried the following to attempt to eliminate the problem, but apart from
turning down the brightness on the TV’s, nothing has made any
difference. The problem is apparent on both video compilations I have
made using PowerDirector 18 and also on unedited content downloaded from
youtube. My next step, if this can be confirmed that this is not a
router issue, will probably be to post a message on the Cyberlink forum.

This is what I have tried so far:-

Disabling all Trend features.
Turning off QoS.
Temporarily disabling Skynet.
Rebooting the router.
Re-producing my video compilations using
different output file types (mpg, mp4, etc), bitrates and video
definitions (1280 x 720 and 1920 x 1080).
Using an alternative video editor (AVS).
Disabling Kaspersky Internet Security while video rendering.
Using an alternative streaming app (Plex, rather than Kodi).

Any comments/suggestions would really be appreciated."
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