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Multi-Region support?
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I just purchased steelbook with UHD BD + BD + Stream bundle with Ghost in the Shell.

UHD BD should be region free.

BD package shows its multi-region disk (ABC), unfortunately disk itself shows region A (America) while i reside in region B (Europe).

Both of my BluRay drives are multi-region, but PowerDVD does not allow me to set this. I can choose only one of those, and perform that change only 5x.

Back when CRT TVs were a thing, regions had importance, because you could not properly display PAL on NTSC system and vice-versa.

Now BluRays are all HD (1920x1080, 8bit Color, Bt 709, SDR), so the region requirement no longer makes any sense + my hardware should not have trouble with it.

In my collection is just one another disk which specifically requires Region B/C and enforces it through protection and its Fight Club.

Most bluray disks i own are either multiregion or do not enforce the region regardless of package information.

Is there any way how to set PowerDVD to multiregion?
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Nope, unforuntately there isn't.

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